Honorary Member


The Infinity Collectors Club Honorary Membership


Metaverse for Car Lovers

We create experiences for car collectors and car lovers. 
The Honorary Members Pass grant holders access to an array of valuable benefits, enhancing their connection to the club and its events.

  1. Exclusive Airdrops: Members will receive free airdrops from future Infinity Collectors Club collections, adding value and rarity to their digital portfolios.

  2. Commemorative POAPs: At special events, members will be eligible to claim free Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) tokens as digital souvenirs, showcasing their involvement in the community.

  3. All-Access Event Passes: Honorary members will enjoy complimentary admission to all Infinity Collectors Club online and Metaverse events, fostering a sense of exclusivity and loyalty.

  4. Guaranteed Collaboration Whitelisting: Members will be automatically whitelisted for all collaboration drops, providing priority access to limited-edition and high-demand releases.

  5. Event Raffles: At each Infinity Collectors Club event, honorary members will receive one free raffle entry for a chance to win exclusive prizes or experiences.

Exclusive Community

Secure membership in the exclusive community of the Infinity Collectors Club as an owner of a collectors car which we transform into an limited NFT.

Community Token

Get access to limited releases and very exclusive collaborations. Owning the NFT is your personal key!

Metaverse Asset

Take your asset to the metaverse and exclusive exhibitions.


Access to the Skyline Fest

The Honorary Members Pass grants you access to the Inaugural Collectors Car Fest.

  1. Experience immersive with an Oculus or join via iPhone exclusive collectors cars in 3D. 

  2. Dubai Skyline view with Party Deck and Collectors Deck

  3. Live Presentations and Q&A with Collectors and Automotive Experts

  4. Exclusive Art – Collaborations will be revealed

  5. Breakout Rooms for networking and discussions

  6. Photo booth – virtual photo booth to share your memories

The greatest eCars on planet earth.

    Justin Lunny
    Justin Lunny

    Founder CEO Everrati Automotive

    You can't be afraid of doing crazy things.

      Renata Fernandes
      Renata Fernandes

      Founder Sleeping with Art: The Art of Cars

      I am overwhelmed and grateful for the response to this event.

        Theodor Dantchev
        Theodor Dantchev

        Co-Founder Infinity Collectors Club

        Something really big is coming our way.

          Marco Breier
          Marco Breier

          Co-Founder Infinity Collectors Club