How to get a crypto wallet?


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A crypto wallet is your personal wallet in the crypto space, where you can safely own Fungible (ETH and other crypto Money) and Non Fungible Token (NFT).

With the crypto wallet you can interact with the Blockchain and decenterlized Apps (dApps) like OpenSea.

Which crypto wallet to choose?

In this blogpost we will discuss how you can add and use Metamask, although they are different wallets you can use. You need a wallet that supports the Ethereum Blockchain and is supported by OpenSea, so you can see and trade NFTs. 

Install MetaMask wallet

Metamask is one of the first cryptop wallets and it is available for iOS, Android and as an Extension for Chrome / Firefox. 

For the install process you can watch this 2Min video. 

What now?

You can immediately start your journey in the crypto space. Buy crypto like ETH or start buying NFTs on OpenSea. 

After opening Metamask in your Browser or on your mobile device you can see your public address. This is the only part you should ever share and it can be compared like your banking number, so people or apps can send you money and NFTs. 

Short intro on Metamask

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